The Parrsboro Shore: A Little Cape Breton and Home of the Dinosaurs

Quite some time ago -probably during my university days at Mount Allison- I remember hearing that I should take a drive along the Parrsboro Shore because it was not only another of Nova Scotia’s hidden gems, but also had garnered the reputation as “a little Cape Breton.” For this reason I decided in July of this year to test the waters to see for myself if this title still applied.

However, I discovered that the Parrsboro Shore can now boast of being much more than a “a little Cape Breton.” How about the fact that it can visibly trace its history back to prehistoric times and even beyond? Yes, it’s a place where dinosaur remains and other fossils have been discovered in great abundance. It’s become a geologist’s delight as it is for dinosaur lovers of all ages. Two years ago it was finally designated by UNESCO as one of our world’s wonders that needed to be protected. Today this area which stretches from the lower part of Truro to Cape Chignecto is called the Fundy Geopark.