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Always one with an avid interest in travel and now blessed with the opportunity to do it, my purpose is to share with you my experiences and revelations of all the places I visit. I hope to awaken any hidden spark that may lie dormant in some heart or simply present a colourful and honest account to the ‘armchair’ traveller who would rather read about it than actually do it.

My interest in travel began in grade school with geography as one of my favourite subjects. As a teenager I thought I wanted to be an airline stewardess but quickly shelved that idea when I discovered I couldn’t pass the physical qualifications, and the opportunity to attend university presented itself. In the late 60’s one didn’t go to university to become a stewardess! So instead I became a teacher, one of the few options open to young women at that time with a university degree. After two years of teaching elementary grade school, I decided to take a year off to travel Europe on $5 a day with a backpack! That was the beginning of some serious travel for me. Although I had to temporarily shelve any further plans for more travel because I made the choice to marry and start a family, the desire never really got squashed. When my daughter was just two, my first husband and I outfitted a van and took off for Mexico for four months.

There was very little time for travel after that. Raising a family, divorce, moving, and work kept me occupied for many years until about eight years ago when my present husband and I moved out of the metropolis of Toronto and settled in my home province of Nova Scotia, in a remote fishing village on the Bay of Fundy. Thanks to friends in Annapolis Royal and my husband’s son, we discovered that we could travel to affordable South East Asia to escape our miserable winters which is something I have been doing every year since. My husband, an Italian at heart, chooses to spend every second winter in Florence. This has been a good thing for me because I’ve now learned how to be a solo traveller and enjoy it!

Having spent a number of years as a retailer and sales agent, I quickly saw an opportunity to import some of the souvenirs I was bringing back to family and friends, such as beautiful silk scarves from Thailand and Viet Nam, lacquer jewellery from Viet Nam and Myanmar, bags from the Hill Tribes of Thailand, and much more. This, I’m happy to report, has morphed into a nice little business for me at home during the summers, and it helps to pay for my next trip.

I am a strong believer in dreams coming true if you know what you want. What is it that really turns you on? I have struggled with this question all my life, and it’s now after these past eight years of travelling in SE Asia and India/Nepal last year that my purpose in life is becoming clearer. I want to travel, write, and help others who share this same dream. I hope my travel writing experiences and revelations will not only help those who share my dream and truly want to start on this exciting journey, but also provide to all my other readers, including fellow and ‘armchair’ travellers alike, an honest account of the world as I see and experience it.

The author - Betty Wright

The author – Betty Wright

2 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. This is a great picture Betty. I realized after talking to Richard that I’ve been missing many of your blog postings. I’ve actually thought to myself, I wonder how Betty’s doing since I haven’t seen anymore blogs! Duh! Thought I’d just get an email saying there was another one. Didn’t realize I had to go looking. Anyway, I’m all up to date now and Art will be getting several postings when Richard goes over tomorrow. (He’s already seen two).


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