A Greek Pictorial

  • Friendly people
  • Ancient history
  • Sheep, goats, and cats
  • Olives and lemons
  • Blue sky and water
  • White-washed buildings

These are the primary impressions of my most favourite country in the world – GREECE.

Last year I revisited this beautiful country on my way home from the Far East where I met up with my husband after three months of solo travel to Thailand, India, and Nepal. This was a return visit for both of us having each landed there what seems like eons ago in 1969. However, we were not together then. Young and still single, I had contacted the travel bug after two years of teaching elementary school and was travelling with a group of girlfriends, while he was travelling with his former wife and two small children.

My second time around last year was far more rewarding since I now had the opportunity to see Greece through more experienced eyes and truly fall in love with it all over again. As an added bonus, we arrived in April before the cruise ships and hoards of tourists on board, so we often felt like we had the country to ourselves, at least on the islands we visited. It also meant that accommodations and meals were within our budget which they most certainly would not have been later on during the peak season.

The following gallery of slides is meant to give you a bird’s eye view of the impressions that my second visit to Greece left with me. I know I will return again should the opportunity present itself.

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