The Parrsboro Shore: A Little Cape Breton and Home of the Dinosaurs

Quite some time ago -probably during my university days at Mount Allison- I remember hearing that I should take a drive along the Parrsboro Shore because it was not only another of Nova Scotia’s hidden gems, but also had garnered the reputation as “a little Cape Breton.” For this reason I decided in July of this year to test the waters to see for myself if this title still applied.

However, I discovered that the Parrsboro Shore can now boast of being much more than a “a little Cape Breton.” How about the fact that it can visibly trace its history back to prehistoric times and even beyond? Yes, it’s a place where dinosaur remains and other fossils have been discovered in great abundance. It’s become a geologist’s delight as it is for dinosaur lovers of all ages. Two years ago it was finally designated by UNESCO as one of our world’s wonders that needed to be protected. Today this area which stretches from the lower part of Truro to Cape Chignecto is called the Fundy Geopark.

New Beginnings

After five months of living in the house I recently¬† bought in Cornwallis Park, I am gradually beginning to feel like I have come home. It’s always a challenge to put down roots in a new place for me even though I have moved more than twenty times in this lifetime. Although change doesn’t bother me as in adopting new beliefs, having to physically pull up my roots to replant them elsewhere is more of a challenge. Although I love to travel and see as much of the world as I can, it did teach me that a true nomad, I am not. Establishing a home base, a place I can always come home to, is a must.¬†

My house built in 1957 for CFB Cornwallis military families.

Like so many people these days, COVID has had a hand in forcing us to make changes we might never have dreamed of doing. Buying a house at my stage of life wasn’t exactly in my long term plans. I thought I could just keep on travelling. I am now facing a new phase of my life only to discover that my newly chosen community is as well. Unfortunately, the change here happened without any warning and is causing heartache and anger to the residents who have lived here the longest.
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How Are We Coping With the Pandemic?

No one can dispute that our world as we know it is being faced with one of its greatest challenges of all time. Seems like every day we hear via our media whether it be the radio, TV, newspaper, Google, Facebook, or Twitter, of yet another hurdle that this pandemic has thrown at us. The question is how much of this kind of information can we take in when it is to most people in the category of bad news? If we are one of those who are addicted to or on the receiving end of our relentless news feeds how it it affecting us?

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Can the Mainland Moose in Nova Scotia Be Saved?

When over 70 Nova Scotians from age five to seventy five…plus several dogs…gathered recently near the Tobeatic Wilderness to defend our rapidly diminishing numbers of Mainland moose, I knew we were on to something.

Where less than 20 years ago the number of moose in our province was approximately 1,000 according to wildlife scientists and other interested naturalists, today they number about 100. The fact that our government is allowing Westfor, a large logging company, to clear out this wilderness area, one of the last bastions for the moose, was too much for this group of concerned citizens. Some of them living in the area have woodlots of their own and are managing them sustainably.

The Mainland moose

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The People Have Spoken Once Again

Four years ago the people of the United States of America voted in Donald Trump as their president. It was totally unexpected as he ran against Hilary Clinton who was almost certain to get in and be the first female to ever hold this important office. Unfortunately, this was a shock to the majority of those who voted and became one of the worst decisions that the electorate could ever have made. In fact, it was to become a decision that not only set their country back, but has also had negative repercussions throughout the world.

This about sums things up.

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