Adjustment, Reflection, and Realization

My excuse for not blogging.

My excuse for not blogging.

I am using my house as an excuse for not keeping up with regular postings on my blog, and I’m sure I could find others if I cared to dig deeper. For now, I’ll stick with the house and my life here in Victoria Beach. I have discovered that in spite of the work that comes with maintaining a house in the country, I must not forget that there is a silver lining to such a life style. Thankfully life here has made me stop and reflect upon my reason for being here, and how I can keep up with my blog when I’m not travelling.

We have had our fair share of challenges since we arrived home on April 25th. In the past I’ve found it relatively easy to get back into the old groove of living here, but this year we have been put to the test. It started when we arrived home on a bitterly cold day to an empty oil tank. However, thanks to our helpful neighbours and our furnace guy who drove all the way out to Victoria Beach from town at eight o’clock at night, we had our furnace up and running before bedtime.

Just when it seemed like we were getting nicely settled into our usual routine, our old house decided to test us once again. This time it presented us with a broken water pipe leaving us with no water for four days. Again our neighbours came to our rescue with bottled water and containers for carrying water from their taps. God bless them!

Then our two old cars decided they needed some attention, too, so in they went for oil changes and inspections after being idle for five months. Mine was given a clean bill of health, but my husband wasn’t so lucky.  He received the sad news that his car was facing uncertain death from a case of extreme rust corrosion. His mechanic told him in no uncertain terms that it was totally unsafe and had to be put down immediately! Our bills by this time were mounting up so hubby decided that he would try to find a new, but used car for no more than $4000. Fortunately, he found one in short order at his price which had not a speck of rust anywhere. In fact, it looks almost like a brand new car. This was another little gift from heaven to whom we owe much thanks to Andrew, his mechanic. In the meantime a lady backed into me at the Irving service station causing over $600 damage to my front bumper. Again this has all worked out well and my bumper will be replaced at no cost to me this week.

Every year for the past seven, I have been planting a vegetable garden, an interest which I believe I inherited from my grandmother. To this day, I can still taste her delicious veggies, fruits, and berries which probably explains why each year I tackle the task of coaxing our rocky soil into something suitable enough to yield us at least some  fresh vegetables. This spring it’s been unusually cold and dry so not much is coming up yet other than those rocks that just never cease to crop up every year with a vengeance.  I am happy to report that most of  my seeds are in the ground and the peas and kale are beginning to pop up. Now if only the rain would come!

My garden as it looks right now.

My garden as it looks right now.

Unfortunately, I’ve allowed all my time to be consumed by the house, the cars, and the garden along with a  myriad of other chores required to keep a house running. One of the joys of travel for me is being able to take a hiatus from all of them! However, I do realize that if I am to continue my blogging, I must start delegating some of the household chores to hubby. Therefore, since he loves to cook, I have called on him to take over more of that. Sometimes it’s difficult to overlook the mess he can make, but I’m trying by heaping lots of praise on him for his efforts which seems to be working!

There was one more item on my list I had to deal with before getting back to my blogging and that was getting my merchandise ready for the Saturday market which is already in full swing. All my boxes, except for one containing silk scarves, have arrived from Thailand and Cambodia safely. The scarves which I somehow overlooked and  left in Chiang Mai have to be shipped separately at great cost. I am lucky that I was able to locate them at one of the guest houses where we stayed which has such an honest and helpful staff who have taken the time to pack them up and get them in the mail for me. So far our market is off to a fairly good start which hopefully will continue to get better as the tourists arrive from the US on the new Portland to Yarmouth ferry because my next winter escape depends heavily on the sales I can generate from this little importing venture.

My table of imports at the Mason's Hall in Annapolis Royal.

My table of imports at the Mason’s Hall in Annapolis Royal.

Reflecting upon this past month, I have learned that when I don’t write and and take pictures, I feel like something very valuable is missing from my life. Too much physical work was making me more tired than I wanted to be and that old feeling of anxiety and unease was creeping in. I needed to write but I kept making excuses which were preventing me from doing it. I was also stymied by what I could write about.  What was there to write about here in Victoria Beach? These were my reasons for not writing so what was I going to do about them? I came up with the following solutions which I would like to share with you, and if they can be of any help to any ‘would be’ writer like me, then that would be fantastic. Here they are:

  • Make time in your day no matter how busy it is shaping up to be to write something even if it’s only a sentence or two.
  • Find a quiet spot away from any distractions i.e. in my case a chatty spouse.
  • Open up your computer and go straight to your blog’s ‘new post’ page. Don’t check your messages or Facebook first.
  • Type out a title which will be somehow related to what you have a vague idea you want to write on. Let this just be a guide which you can always change as many times as you wish once you start to write.
  • Now just start to write – anything. You’ll be amazed at where this can go.
  • Once you see something take shape, you will be off and running and feeling great.

This usually works for me, but I need to constantly remind myself to do it so it will become a habit. Perhaps I need to write this list out and have it in front of me until it becomes ingrained in my psyche? As I look back on this past month, I shudder to think about the agony I have put myself through just thinking and worrying about what I could write about. Well, I believe that I have that problem solved, too, making this a second wonderful realization about writing. Why not start with where I live and write about life here? As for pictures, this place is a photographer’s dream. It has the most incredible sunsets, and it’s near the Bay of Fundy which has been nominated as one of the most beautiful unspoiled spots in the world. One day it will become one for sure because just how many unspoiled sites are left in this world? It’s all about using the resources we have around us before venturing beyond. I’m thankful now for the challenges our life here in Victoria Beach has presented. It has helped me learn much about what writing is all about and how therapeutic it has become for me. It doesn’t matter where it will all lead to, if anything, but the one thing I do know is that it brings me great joy and satisfaction.

One of our beautiful sunsets.

One of our beautiful sunsets.

16 thoughts on “Adjustment, Reflection, and Realization

  1. Betty,
    I have just opened your blogged! it hit the spot for me. For some reason, only known to the Universe, I only open the blogged today and what a wonderful surprise to read about your life back in NS. I understand everything, because I am familiar with your world in NS and Thailand!. (Meeting Graham is also a bonus). By coincident I also had an email and a phone call from friends in Annapolis Royal. It brings so much joy and warmth of the people I met last year. My heart is in Annapolis Royal and the Farmer’s market. I look forward to see you in Thailand end of the year?


  2. Hello my friend, glad to hear from you once again. I’m really not sure it matters what you write about, I just love to hear the way you write — you are a story teller, my dear. Glad the universe has been taking such good care of you and Graham. Love your pics. Talk soon!


  3. We must visit Bay of Fundy, looks stunning.

    It’s been over 2 years since we last saw you and even longer since we saw Graham… about a picture of the two of you?

    We will be in Thailand at some point next year – albeit for a short time en route to The Phillipines & Indonesia. Maybe we can buy Graham a bottle of decent red and a G&T for you?

    Much love

    Cheryl & Neil


    • Great to hear from you and get a preview of your travel plans for next year. Is India out of the picture completely?

      Hey, if you want to see the Bay of Fundy for real, you’ll have a place to stay. Wouldn’t that be fun! Graham is going back to Italy next year, and I will be back in SE Asia – Thailand and Cambodia with the possibility of Laos again. I guess the red wine and G & T will have to wait. Would love to see you in Thailand so let me know when you plan to be there.

      Pictures of us in Hua Hin in December and Sintra near Lisbon.


      On Mon, Jun 9, 2014 at 9:19 AM, BetsTravelsAbout wrote:



  4. Hi Betty, sounds like you’ve had a time of it but you’ve settled in nicely now. Keep up the writing – it’s very good and obviously a grrreat therapy! AND…sell…sell…sell!!!!!


  5. That was a very interesting and informative blog. Betty you are an excellent writer and we really enjoyed your blog. It was like reading a story. I love the purses you brought back. Keep up the good work. Excellent.

    Love Murray and Margot


  6. Such is life!

    Cheryl Tardif Certified Hypnotherapist Pyschosynthesis Counsellor Reiki Master 825-2286


  7. Enjoy your blogs! It’s amazing how many things can go wrong after you return home. It always takes us several months to get back in the swing of things here at home but thankful by January were ready for the adventure of another year. Keep blogging as your really good at it! Diane Garrity


  8. Hi Betty- Happy to have you writing again and hope June is a better month for both of you.
    We always arrive home to a host of issues that need solving. I love reading your blogs and hope you continue to entertain us…. Good luck at the Market!!
    Hugs, Sandra


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