A Blissful Moment in Time

Have you ever noticed how many of our moments of pure bliss come when they are least expected?

I thought I knew the neighbourhood where my husband and I are staying in Chiang Mai since I did stay here last year, so now wouldn’t I be able to lay claim to knowing all about the neat places to eat and shop? Well, I was mistaken because I happened on a secluded little cafe/restaurant tucked away behind some shrubbery just around the corner from us.  After a quick peek inside and perusal of the menu, I noted this place as a ‘must eat’ one so next day dragged G down to try it out. As we sat there in the midst of the trees, flowers, and just a few like-minded diners, we thoroughly enjoyed our first lunch here. We agreed that we had found a little Garden of Eden. For me, it was a blissful moment in time reminding me that such places can still be found in the world and right here at our doorstep in Chiang Mai which is rapidly becoming a fast-growing city with too much traffic and smog. In addition, we found the food to be fresh and tasty, as well as reasonably priced.  The service was prompt and courteous, and there were even up to date glossy magazines to look at. Unfortunately, we couldn’t read them because for some strange reason every magazine in Thailand has only the titles in English. All the content is in Thai. However, we saw excellent photographs of what the Royal Family, Kate and William, and some of the top contenders for this year’s Oscar awards are up to. As an extra bonus, this little place is now becoming my inspiration and haven for tackling my blog writing and reading.  

Our Little Garden of Eden - The Ease Cafe

Our Little Garden of Eden – The Ease Cafe


Typical Thai Lunch

Typical Thai Lunch

Flowers Everywhere

Flowers Everywhere

Thailand's Official Flower - the Orchid

Thailand’s Official Flower – the Orchid

7 thoughts on “A Blissful Moment in Time

  1. Hi Betty – we are in Munnar in Kerala at a homestay with good wifi. Great blog and we have signed up for a regular alert from your site.

    We may be coming to Thailand next year – and may check in to the same guesthouse as you – anything is possible!

    Cheryl & Neil


  2. Dear Betty, I sent Ed a copy of your photo of the tree with the orchids. He still grows them. Love and prayers, Helen xixixixixixixixixixixixi


  3. Hi Betty: What a lovely blog. And what a perfect little place. I think you will spend a lot of time there. Our weather seems to be on the verge of warming up a bit – thank heavens. All is well here despite the weather. Love, Jill


  4. Dear Betty, Your spot sounds idyllic. Sometimes these lovely gifts come just when we need them. Speaking of which, how is your health? Cathy said that you had not been feeling well when you were visiting her. Thanks for sharing your news. Love and prayers, Helen xixixixixixixixixixi


  5. Hi Betty,
    What interesting blogs, especially your description of that little haven of peace and yummy food on a day when I walked up the North Mountain in -13!! The housekeeper in me also noted the fresh green paint on the table and bench. Such care would relax me right off the bat!
    A Happy New Year of health, peace, and joy to you both.

    Nancy Bird & Bob Unger, Karsdale NS



    • Thanks Nancy. Good to hear from you and great that you are venturing out into the great and so cold outdoors for your walks. Now, that is true courage!

      All the best to you and Bob for a happy and healthy New Year!



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